Meetup - May 15 @ 9pm UTC


Hi All,

Our meetup today will be at hifi://hq/meetup (here is a time conversion tool: ).

Several things to cover:

  • New content
  • Entity updates: (Web, sound collision, skybox, atmosphere )
  • Adding Paths to a domain server
  • Updates coming to the domain server to make it easier to setup
  • Q&A



Wow, that is a lot of progress in one week!


Don’t forget Ozan said Chris is hosting a masquerade party today. Wear the masks!


I keep crashing on Windows … servers starts out at 3, drops down to 0, crash


I’m on 2498 and it seems solid to me.


me to on 2498 ;;;;;;;


Very nice feature set this go around. I was crashing a bit, mainly whenever I unmuted my microphone. This was with 2497 and 2500. I still get the LOD extreme cycling effect (full view to nothing but stars). It is particularly bad when avatars arrive or depart.


Interesting observation @Balpien_Hammere. I was muted the whole time and didn’t crash. I turned my min frame rate down to 0 last week so didn’t have any LOD issues, but again it was minimized to a quarter screen or so anyways.


@chris re crash gate this image twink took, i think shows unweighted verts on the meri avatar . if u look you can see them coming from both the meri avatars.
a while back i made some animated things a tree and a duck that if u remember did the same thing


i had a meri (i forget whose… michelle maybe?) do that to me on earth the other day


Thanks for showing that @Judas , I was not seeing that. I do remember when you had it with the duck and tree.


I like the white shadows cast by the wittle wobots.


I had other things to attend to this time, is there a recording of this meeting?


I made a recording, sent it to Chris.


@Chris-- can you please post Balipen’s recording of the meet-up last week?

Thank you!


Hey @Balpien_Hammere, why don’t you just upload your video to this thread?


I tried to upload t to youtube but it is bigger than my account limit. Here it is in dropbox, 488MB, You can download it or view it directly. Unfortunately dropbox will not stream it in its 720P format.


Here is the video from @Balpien_Hammere . Thank you for grabbing this recording.


Wonderful, because I was unable to download and view the Box version kindly provided by @Balpien_Hammere. Thank you, both.


Sorry for the glitches. Though I have a 20Mb symmetric net connection, I heard a lot of audio mixer dropouts. I am curious to know if others were hearing these audio glitches during the meeting. The jumpy camera problem was my own, just not used to how cameras work in interface. You saw how I was instinctively moving my mouse pointer over avatars trying to make them the center of orbit focus. I’m starting to work on a better camera controller script.