Meetup: May 22nd at 9pm UTC


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Hi All,

The meetup for today will be @ hifi://hq/meetup . The Agenda will be:

  • Stack Manager updates
  • Updates on Entities
  • Physics
  • Q&A



Just to add my input on the web entity test. I noticed that on my work computer (AMDFX 770k Quadcore 3.5Ghz and 8 GB of ram) I opened up the resource monitor and noticed this:

Interface used 32% of my cpu on 71 threads
QTWebProcess used 45% of the cpu on 53 threads.

Also QTWebProcess didn’t die when the Webentity was removed.


Video from the meeting.

The talk from SVVR:

First part of the meeting (I unfortunately was not recording my voice!)

Part 2 (with full audio)


Double check your link to the SVVR speech. :wink:


I missed the bit about the new pointer.js … How does one use it?