Meetup notes from June 13 2014


Hi All,

I recorded todays meetup, please do not share this video outside of the forums. Feel free to add additional notes. My chat did not get picked up in the recording, I will make sure it does next week.

Some of the photos.


really good recording it along as people don’t share it out of the group, it will help the people with tek issues feel included
re the credits and voxels thing, What if someone creating voxels on your land payed you credits
people would then be happy to be griefed :smiley:


Where did that giant gray scissors come from, I never seen that at the meetup. haha


I just watched this having sat through the meeting being able to hear next to nothing in world. Was great to see, but I just found out that you were streaming live on youtube simultaneously… if I had known that i would have watched it there. Are you able to share a private link next time at the start of the meet up - would be awesome as it will help us get round some of the issues windows users are currently having with sound!
Another new thing for me was that when I watched the video playback I saw so much more detail - on my screen I was watching lots of default robot avatars…had no idea you were dressed for the world cup Chris… not sure I agree with the go australia tho… go england surely!!!


Thanks so much for recording this Chris. I was unable to attend today and it was great to be able to catch up on it.


Hi @Smokey_Bracken can you send a screen shot of what you were seeing?



I was only able to hear audio 5-10% of the time so this helps a great deal!


Chris, your the BEST! thanks for recording the meeting. the last few weeks have been insane for me but i hope to make the next one. AND i want to get started on sorting FaceShift. So excited.


Hi Derric_​​Foggarty,
I brought the scissor in a few weeks ago with help of Thoys. It’s actually a part of the Steampunk outfit I’m working on in OpenSim. So nice to see the giant scissor. I didn’t rez it :smile:


Is there ever a chance to hold the meetup at a different time or day? I am never able to make it at this time, and would really love to hear and contribute. Thanks. Franny


I took one snapshot… gives you an idea