Meetup notes from May 2nd


Great meeting today.

Quick recap on what we covered.


Starting to enable the ability to bring in Mesh. (have a look at placeModelsWithHands.js for some examples)

The ability to upload avatars.

This is still a work in progress, yet you can can start bringing in new avatar content.


  1. Create or download an avatar from. or

  2. Once you have exported the fbx you can File >Upload Skeleton Model

3.Fill in the parameters

4.Go to your preferences and select the model you just uploaded in the Body section.


We also had a live performance from @KevinMThomas and @Judas

Great meeting.

I hope you all have a great weekend.


Great meetup, HiFis and Alphas! Happy to help shape the future of cyberspace.



I downloaded a model from Mixamo, and tried to upload it, I never got the “Set Model Properties” options as you describe at step 3.
The model still uploaded but because I couldnt name it, it is called FuseModel-JL5859
and it loads inworld but I cant get rid of the default head, when I set it to blank, the system puts the default head in, so my avatar has an extra robot head.
How do I save with no head please?


Missed the announcment :frowning: for this week.


I was crashing all the time, the latest Mac interface seems much less stable than previous version. Great meeting though. I will try to wear a custom avatar at next meeting.


Sorry I was unable to get in to make it to the meeting. I look forward to meeting everyone in avatar! :smiley: