Meetup: Our regular Friday meetup will be moved to Monday


Hi All,

It is a national holiday in the US today. I am therefore going to move the meetup to Monday. One of the areas we will cover in the meetup is the STEM VR challenge:



Popping this upto the top as a reminder.
Is the time same as usual?


Would like to hear responses on:

  1. bug reporting system, when will it be available for alphas
  2. $#^@ upside down mirror, when will it get fixed?
  3. the constant disconnect problem, is it systemic?
    a if so, a fix ETA
    b if not, any suggestions what we need to do to fix it on our side?
  4. Grouping entities (creating an assembly), is this somewhere within a 3 month horizon?
  5. The offline VHACD project/app. When will it be available?


Can we have times in UTC as agreed please


When can we edit entities we uploaded , without playing domain hopping. Because that’s the only way to get it active. and that’s a bit disturbing with a voice chat.


The meetup will be today at the same time as usual. 2pm PDT. At hq/meetup. UTC:


Is audio severely cutting out at the meetup for others?
It’s pretty bad for me presently.


Seems fine here, no big problems.


OK, I’m dropping out of the meeting, impossible to follow it with 1-2 second audio bursts every 5 seconds. I have a 20Mb symmetric link. My net meter shows 2.5Mb/s stream. Am hard-connected (no Wifi). Ping to backbone is 3ms, audio ping in Interface is 30-40ms.

Maybe the fiber cable vandalism in the west coast was not completely fixed. Or, maybe the audio mixers are fubared today.

Anyway, this is all quite discouraging.

[moved discussion of the audio problem to here: ]


@Balpien_Hammere what happens with you own audio when you do an audio loop back:

and let me know if your audio is working

Audio Mixer Problems (2015 version)

Here is the reference to STEM that I referred to:


Is there an archive of some sort for these meetings, a transcript or summary? I wanted to hear the discussion about the VR Challenge in particular, but could not attend because my Windows box will not run the Interface (any recent version) at all, and my Mac doesn’t have the necessary umph.


moved the audio mixer problem discussion to here:


Grrrr… I completely forgot the meeting was moved to today. I got sidetracked off into other stuff… Oo


Here is the meeting video:


I’m hopelessly out of date with current state of things, but, I’ve been using VHACD generated physics for months. Building vhacd.exe in windows or linux then feeding in an FBX to generate physics OBJ. It essentially works with little effort once you build executable. Its command line syntax is shown if you run generator with no parameters and the default settings seem to be reasonable as listed. As of today - my generated physics “shells” continue to work as they have since first hacking how to use it.


@chris, can @philip mabye give some idea or post next meeting both is better. about the plans for the remaining months of this year and what high fidelity hopes to get implemented on new things. Like terrain. etc. ?