Meetup this week, will be on Wednesday 2pm PST


Hi All,

We are going to do the meetup this week on a Wednesday @ 2pm PDT.

**Location: ** hifi://alpha/garden


  • Asset Transfer Protocol
  • VR EDU contest updates
  • Bug updates.

I will also be making a recording of the event.



thanks! and thanks for the advanced notice!


bumped for the forgetful (such as myself).


@onionpencil thanks for the bump. I will put up the link to the meeting location shortly.


@chris, if the meeting is at the windmill again. can you turn down the ambiance volume from the birds etc. or turn it off. The are very loud. compared to voice that’s still to soft.


Hi All we are going to meet at hifi://alpha/garden


1 relog to much, now i cannot login anymore. something is crashing me.


Asset data transfer protocol is exciting.


Oh yes sounds very good. for a small amount you can then host the assets on cheap vps in my case with 200GB ssd/hdd storage. But you can test things you make first local.


I don’t know, if I’m the onliest here, who don’t understand English good enough to follow really your discussions especially if the sound is not so very good. Well I come, to learn a bit more, but for me it would be great, if somebody could give also a short written text to the important things of the meeting.


Was the sound for you not working well? Were you hearing sound that has small gaps?


Well @Balpien_Hammere sometime the sound is too loud, sometime nearly not to hear, sometime there are speaking more than one people or there are other sounds. But I think, for an English speaking people this wouldn’t be a great problem, but my natural language is German, so it is double difficult.


Uhmm. my english is not the pimary one. but i like to get it much better. I think sofar it’s not going very bad.


Ah, OK, I understand what happened. Today’s meetup place had standard audio attenuation, and so the loudness level varies significantly depending on your distance from the speaker. The HQ meet-up place has an audio zone that makes all the sound levels the same. It works better for meetings.

My recollection of the major points of the meeting is:

  • Philip and a team are working on distributed physics, a hard problem to make certain collisions work believably correct.
  • Another team is working on a new asset movement system called asset transfer protocol. One goal is to make it much easier for new comers to set up domains and host their assets directly. Another goal is to automate the process of moving assets around to hosting services to improve loading, do better load balancing, even someday monetize such services.
    -There is a push to get people to submit proposals for the education/virtual world VR EDU contest. $5000 grants, the idea is to get something that works within the existing HF infrastructure.
    -And finally, a recounting of all the various bugs that have been fixed.


Bug report:

Video from the meeting:


It would be helpfully, if I could see, who is speaking - changing color of the name or what ever. So you could go closer to the speaker with the camera. Yesterday I always have searched around with my camera, to get the best sound.
Thanks for recollection.


how’s it looking on the spontaneous domain disconnections? i’m up and down every few seconds and have tried everything my little brain can think of. i can post some of the log, but is there something there that could help? i hate to just randomly post gibberish…well, more than usual.