Meetup today (29th of Feb) @ 2pm PST


Hi All,

We will be doing our meetup today. A few items.

  • Graphics and lighting updates
  • HMD’s (Vives and Rifts)
  • QA testing and bugs.

Location : hifi://sandbox/winter



Hmmmm… anyone else but me sometimes crashing a moment after arriving?


BTW, anyone have the link to where any live streams of HF meetings usually appear? I need to bookmark it.


Happens to me often at the meetup place. I just wait for the video.

I do recommend doing those meetups somewhere else. It is clear there are a tons of bugs related to many avatars being present in content rich domains. If these meetups are supposed to be about people getting together to discuss the problems, it seems to me best to hold them where people can actually do that and not spend most of their tie just trying to see or to hear or just to be there without crashing.


Hi All,

Here is the video from the meetup . We had a talk from @sam about the graphics updates at