Meetup today @ 2pm PST. 9PM UTC


Hi All,

There have been significant updates coming out over the last few weeks.


The Agenda will be:

  • Graphics updates
  • Domain Server updates
  • Overlays
  • Bugs
  • QA

Let me know if you would like to add anything else.



Things go into the viewer like the blue cursor thing, without explanation.
Its hard for Alphas to see the end goal to these things.
I think if they were introduced with a little “Here’s what were trying to achieve with this” on the forum you might get less abstract rage and more oh cool what if it could do this…"

What if the devs could do a few little master classes in world. A lot of the alphas want some direction and really don’t know where to start.(they could even record.js those as assets for a tutorial domain.
Yes these could l be videos but if vr is the future we should jump in.


I’ve seen that Emotions got a bit high the last few days. Especially about the quality of the past few Releases. I have to agree with Richardus “Alpha software can be unstable and could cause crashes or data loss.”…and i may add…“maybe can set your cat on fire”.

Working with Alpha grade Software can be painful and it is only fuelled by the Enthusiasms to may be part of something awesome.

But i belive that Alpha Users should somehow be kinda part of the team, in the effort to create something new and awesome. Just my opinion…but i think a bit more transparency would help Hifi a lot. For example a Bugtracker would help to understand what is being worked on by the moment, and what could be to expect next in the process.

Just my two cents…

kind regards



The meeting is not started, but things are unstable in HQ near the windmill, or it’s DDE build 2642


There is a new update download it and give it a go


oh my oo 23 minutes …


Still crashing with 2644, please move the meeting to other place.
Wait a second, i see a interface.ini.lock file. high fidelity is still not removing that ?

No, crash again.


To get Windows 2644 working without crashing, I had to delete my cache and interface.ini

I’ve also stopped all my scripts, just in case.


It looks like a no go for me here. The new “upgrades” are crap and can’t even get in (any mouse movement crashes it!)
This might have been a good thing though as I was SURE to use a few “colourful words” (possibly in several different languages too…)


no, it shows more often these days than not.


I just did a uninstall and reinstalled build 2644, keeped DDE disabled. sofar it seems to keep at least running without crash. Knocks on wood.

I knew it, never type things go good. now looking to white screen of death.


not like any of us actually wanted to attend the meeting. since i can’t move, move my mouse, unmute myself, or anything else, i guess i’ll spend the time DLing the new build and wondering what’s going on :frowning: (i know this is alpha blah blah blah, but it’s starting to get beyond frustrating).


There’s also something weird with the mesh the terrain shows strange artifacts. possible that’s crashing the viewer.

The most frustrating thing, is keeping a meeting and you crash over and over. and the don’t move to different place to see if that helps. so the whole meeting your missing.

Seem’s am also crashing when someone login and appears on my screen. looked in running scripts but nothing is running sofar i coudl see or crash.


I dropped the LOD Tools slider down to as close to 0 as I could get it, and that seems to have stopped me from crashing,


This just happend , and i crashed.
At the moment something on my screen exploded.

Second crash appeared when the furry came in on my screen.


Hmmmm… and I just got some long winded error message that had a 500 in it, before I crashed this time. oO

edited to add: Okay, now I can’t even get Interface to launch. I click the icon on the taskbar, and… nothing at all happens. Oo

edit2: Okay, went into TaskManager, saw an instance of Interface.exe listed under Processes and killed out of that. Now Interface window launches again like normal.

edit3: and then it went to whitescreen-lockup when I clicked in the Local Chat window, but I can still hear the voice chat. Weird.


@chris, tried to go to the HQ meetings several times, even downloaded the latest interface build - no joy. You asked (just before I crashed for the 4th time) if we had any questions. I have a few:

  1. Is there serious effort underway to stabilize all the shinies changes added recently? This may be alpha but when massive instabilities happen, that’s pencils-down time;
  2. Is anyone looking into the edit mode problems? It is pretty much impossible for me (and would guess others) to do any editing of our scene.
  3. Long standing crash problems, likely load related happen when many people converge to the same area. Is that being looked into?

I ask because these kinds of problems pretty much stop al testing activities. I definitely want to do more than just cruise around looking at existing builds.


Here is the video from the Alpha meeting: @Balpien_Hammere The first part of the meeting we went over some of your questions:


I notice that things are very hard to hear on this video. so it’s not me alone that need to crank up the volume in the meetings. Voice keeps a bit on the soft and low side.


I actually heard @Philip in the meeting quite well, but it seems that the ambient noise recorded from @chris mic is already enough to nearly drown him