Meetup - Today 6th of November. 2pm PST - 10pm UTC


Hi All,

Meetup today will be on sandbox. I want to show you some interesting scanned content. Feel free to bring and demo things you are working on.



anyone else who can’t hear at all? any suggestions?


I also have heard first nothing and than very bad sound.


Sound seems okay to me, though its also its usual low volume. On the other hand, the text-chat scripts keep failing to load for me. oO

Also, having had to clear the ini file, I lost my preferred av and its not showing in Marketplace anymore, either.


Text chat also for me hasn’t loaded.


Text chat script URL:
If using the one that is on the Market Place it may not be working 'cos of the S3 problems Chris mentioned at the start of the meeting.


Avatar spin speed seems to depend on frame rate … limit it to 30 FPS and your spin slowly; unlimited frame rate to get a high FPS and you spin fast.


I enjoyed that meeting rifted up that location felt great, also really enjoy being able to explore somewhere new.
One day we shall be allowed into the chocolate factory that is toy box :wink:


Hmmmmm… chocolate factory. I wonder how long it will be before someione makes a full on Willy Wonka sorta complex to wander around in.


@judas. I will get a copy of it and put it up in the sandbox next week.