Meetup: Today (April 24th) @ 2pm PDT


Hi All,

For the meetup today we are going to be covering:

  • Facial tracking
  • Avatars
  • Other Updates



hurray! you put a date on this one. far less confusing when people reply to it over the next several days!


Just remotely (love TeamViewer) checked my Mac, and its Interface ver currently functions. Over a dozen revisions (based solely on the integers) behind, but not upgrading until after the meetup. I know my luck. If I rushed home by 4pm CDT and touched the “yeah, upgrade me” button, I wouldn’t have it working again until Monday-ish. ;^)


Sorry if this is a stupid Question…but…where? Everyone seems to know…but i must have missed it…


Should I put on my face?


Hi @Phineas.Click either click on the name “chris” or go to here: hifi://hq/1013.47,346.938,825.557/2.90376e-05,0.999616,1.77708e-05,0.0276939


Since I was only able to attend in audio-spirit, and I believe others had the same problem, any chance a recording of the meetup was made this time? Thanks!


First off allow me to second the ‘Hurray! You put a date on this one’ :slight_smile:

Second, why PDT? This is an international community after all where it is much easier to figure local time from GMT/UTC than some random time zone - especially one that is constantly flipping back-and-forth four times a year with DST. Especially when the international date line comes in to play. Random time zones on the internet are a royal headache for those of us in the antipodes. UTC is called ‘universal’ (and GMT ‘mean’) for good reason. :slight_smile:


I agree this community would do well to use UTC/GMT for its meetup schedules, and for live Music shows, etc…

A couple points also related to accuracy; semantic accuracy, that is. PDT isn’t a “random” timezone. It was arbitrary. Just like SL’s decision to make SLT follow the Pacific US timezone was arbitrary. Though that one made a bit more sense, in that when they made that decision, SL wasn’t nearly as international as highfidelity is already.

As annoyed as I am, as a Yank, that our times change for Daylight Savings Time, they aren’t “constantly flipping”, nor do they flip “four times a year”. They periodically change, two times a year. Asinine? OMFG, yes. Constant? No.

I’m not trying to pick on @CiderJack specifically (though it’s a very amusing example). Rather, I’m imploring the alphas community, as passionate as we may be, to make a clear, accurate, objectively compelling argument for embracing UTC as the official highfidelity time. An argument that is passionate about inclusiveness, whilst dispassionate about telling HQ how backward and wrong they are. That is, I don’t believe we’ll convince them with insults… and I very much hope we’re able to convince them.

Or am I just being a pedantic dilweed, at this point? I cannot tell anymore.


I’m with @Richardus_Rayma on adopting Stardates


Pedantic Dillweed :wink:


I’m on board with that idea, too… so long as there’s an easy to use conversion widget.


Stardates it is.


I am happy to use UTC.


Quite right @KDOgg, ‘arbitrary’ would have been the more appropriate choice semantically. However, to those of us who don’t share whatever timezone is being used it certainly feels random! Again, especially when DST and international date line comes into the mix. :slight_smile:

I feel obliged to point out though (now it’s my turn for pedantry?) that the USA is not the only country to use DST. We ‘down under’ folk also are subjected to the same madness (as is EU & most of the rest of the world), on a completely different schedule from the USA (and every northern-hemisphere country is different too). So yes, the time does (add in that the USA seems to annually change the dates of the changes, as far as I can tell) ‘flip back-and-forth’ four times a year - twice for USA’s time change, and twice for the local madness. It certainly feels close enough to constant flipping when you have no idea if the PST shown is DST or non-DST. Like I said, a royal headache.

Just as an example:
Will Friday 2pm PST be 8pm (or 8am?) on Friday or on Saturday local? Is DST in effect in PST or locally? Will that actually make it 7pm or 9pm (or am?) local? If both countries are on DST, does that mean it will be 6pm or 10pm (or am?) local?? You can see how a single time becomes a 4-hour window. Every. Time. AND the am/pm confusion.

Tell me what time & day it is GMT/UTC and I will immediately know exactly what time & day it is locally, without having to go through the mental gynastics & constant uncertainty whether I’ve gotten it right or not. Believe me, I’m not the only one who feels this way. Same holds true when reversing the process - when I need to schedule something online, I can immediately tell you the GMT/UTC. Could I tell you what time PST? I would have to get back to you on that.

Edit: Thanks @chris! It’s the little things that make all the difference. :wink:


Oh my heavens. I hadn’t thought of that. That’d make me royally bonkers.

And might I point out - you’re sincerely hilarious.


Chris, I’ll pay you to get the conversion wrong the first time you do… just 'cuz I think that’d be a riot.


we could also use unix time … joke