Meetup today - April 8th @ 2pm PDT


Hi All,

We do be doing our meetup today at hifi://playa . If you have not been there feel free to go over early so you have the assets loaded up into cache. I am going to go over a few things.



Ill see if i can pop in time.


There’s annoying bug, as soon you take a snapshot the overlay get visible. If you forget to disable it again it’s on the next snapshot.


@chris Release build 4657 is equivalent to dev build 4643 … The last merge that made it into the release build was, “Merge pull request #7606 from highfidelity/RELEASE-4643”. I.e., there were a number of merges into the master branch after RELEASE-4643, up to and including RELEASE-4656, then RELEASE-4643 was merged into the stable branch resulting in the RELEASE-4657 “relase” build.


Here’s the vid I made of the meetup. I zoomed in close on the new avatars. Also, processed the audio to raise it by 8dB and mild dynamic range compression.