Meetup: Today at 10 am PST


Hi All,

The meetup for today is at 10am PST.

  • Metavoxels: You can now dig and paint an imported heightmap or terrain file. Allowing you to dig amazing caves, or retextures roads or grassland.

  • Physics. The implementation of Bullet is now available, in a very early state on Mac and PC. There is still a lot to do, but we are getting there.

If you have a Hydra you can even play some Bat and Ball:

  • Directory Update: The Directory has been getting filled up really nicely. We will run through any questions that people have with connecting up their domain to show on the directory.

I also put together a video that runs through, getting a Stack Manager up and creating great content. I would love to get your feedback on it.


I missed today (it was 5am local time, and I was up until 2am getting my head around avatar heads :slight_smile: )

Was there any news on mesh-entity collision (only thing I am presently anticipating eagerly).