Meetup today at 3:30 PDT


Hi All,

We will be doing our meetup today at 3:30 PDT. We are going to meet on a new build that we have been working on.

See you then.



Here is the meeting location:


Hangout link:


During the meetup, Chris said he pasted (somewhere) scripts and other info related to the polygon build. Could someone please say where that is? Thank you.


The script playing the audio:
The rain effect:


Video from Friday meetup:


This was So Much FUN!


I am listening to the section where you are discussing pointing LIVE to a location within Polyworld. I knew it is possible to point one place name to another.

But, is it possible (yet) to break a domain into sub-locations, as well, and to set different “teleport” coordinates for each?

In other words, can one teleport from Tuscany to the monastery within Polyworld?

(edited below for further clarification of the question…I think I asked the wrong question in this post)


Maybe “teleport” is not what I meant. I suppose I could use Thoys’ toilet to do that. What I mean is whether a place can have more than one entry point–more than one path–at a time?


Hi @SterlingWright , yes you can. Have a look at the following graphics as examples.

Here you can see ‘live’ pointing to a specific place within polyworld.


Thank you, Chris. But…

I understand that this example shows linking from one PLACE(on a discreet domain) to another PLACE (on another discreet domain)-- From PLACE LIVE to a location within PLACE POLYWORLD. Correct?

I guess I want to know, instead, is if Polyworld can have many paths to different locations within it without having to rely on an outside domain to shuttle through?

Example: I understand that you used LIVE dynamically to go to different coordinates within POLY. I understood that you could do this because LIVE is a separate domain from Poly and you are using it like a router.

But can one do something similar if one only has one PLACE? Can you have multiple paths within a single domain and get to them from within that domain?

Is that understandable?


I think I understand. You can use links that go to different areas within your domain.

e.g. hifi://chriscollins/8244.28,976.891,3067.91/7.81961e-05,0.701672,-7.94027e-05,0.7125

I got this link by going to File>Copy Address to Clipboard.


Ok, let me play around with that and see if it does what I want it to. Thank you very much!