Meetup today (August 17th 2015) 2pm PDT


Hi All,

Our meetup today will be in the ‘Sandbox’




Most happy to see this. Changing domain’s origin to its center makes much more sense than being at the “green line corner”. Increasing size from 16384 x,y,z to 32768 x,y,z gives you, from center, -16384 x,y,z to +16384 x,y,z and doesn’t muck up any exiting locations. Nice change!


Eek :slight_smile: 16x16sqkm not big enough ? :slight_smile: smaller would be more usefull you would think. unless you want secondlfie mainland


Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to use the entire space. But - it’s very nice to have an ability to create truly huge spaces that could leverage a future promise of all this cloud provided computing power.


Knowing me, I’d probably fill the entire thing with TARDIS add on rooms akin to the ones in SL. :smiley:


I would love to first see terrain, then a fast plane. and then bigger domains.
Now a domain looks endless big and it feels you not really move.


Hi All,

Good chatting with everyone. Here is the video from the meeting:

Here are the bug items:

Also here is the post about the domain and avatar changes: