Meetup today - Friday the 4th @ 2pm


Hi All,

We did a meetup on Wednesday, so I do not have many updates. What I will be doing at 2pm is running through how to setup avatar recordings. If people want to come and watch how I set them up, I will be doing it at hifi://sandbox/40.4957,29.3117,355.609/4.47692e-05,-0.269503,0.000159982,0.962999 .

Come on over and check it out.



Hi All,

Here is the video one how to do a recording:

Here is the script that I used to run on the Assignment client:



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Every time someone mentions brick walls, for some reason I wind up picturing that scene from the end of Village of the Damned. :confused:


part 1
Recaps how to use the record script to make bots
in a domain you have edit rights on

Create a big none collidable entity and put this script in the script url properties window

Then load the recordingMaster.js script from the utilities folder in file-running scripts

Ok if you did these 2 things right when u go inside the big entity u should see a camera icon at the top of the screen
and a record dot icon on the left of the screen
press the record dot - act dammit its recording
once you finish acting finishes press the dot again
Wait a min or 2 and a window should popup with the link to the recording…

ok part 2

go to
cut paste chris’s script into notepad
paste in the link you just got at the end of part one into what shoudl be line 5 of chris’s script
var clipURL = “atp:ca69ec5f52a6bb2aae2b5eb010002a29178f37db46263152fab59e1e1c87f1a0.hfr”;

changing the bit between the “”" for the new one you made.
save that text as playback.js
stick playback.js in the public folder of your dropbox or similar
copy the public link to it

takes a deep breath part 3 getting the recording playing in world
open the setting page from the stack manager

paste the link to the playback into the script url window under scripts
then press the little plus button at the end
press save and restart

a min or 2 after the sim comes back up the recording should play in world
(it has to load up a bit b4 it plays so don’t panic)

Many Bothans died to bring us this information.

Wonders if this can be more automated. I would love it if the recording just played in world after I press stop
o.o Easier is more fun lol