Meetup will be Monday, 21st of December @ 1pm PST


Hi All,

There will be no meetup today (Friday). The meetup will be Monday @ 2pm PST and will be at hifi://sandbox/winter . We will run through the game and particles.



Thank you! @AlphaVersionD


No problem. :smile: See ya Monday.


Just a few question:

  • Why is the uninstaller broken, on my system. mouse cursor keeps in busy mode, that’s all what happens.

  • Why is the DDE-Installer.exe not working ? same problem, cursor keeps in busy mode.

  • What changes is hifi making in the registery. A list would be welcome so i can remove it manual.


"Some early work to support hand driven reticle

  • support "
    this sickens me i hope we get some clarification to this filth :slight_smile:


Hi All,

The meetup will be at 1pm PST (1 hour earlier). I am posting another post with the Agenda.



There are still problems that a skybox lightning is not set to the lightning in the new domain after teleport. If you not crashed first.

Other long standing problem, the ambience sound is way to loud !, and no slider to adjust it. Also there’s no slider to adjust the voice volume so it’s louder then the ambiance. Winter ambiance is TOO loud now.