Meetup will be Monday the 28th of September at 2pm PDT


Hi All,

The meetup for this week will be moved to Monday. If you are looking for something to do today during that time, I would suggest having a look at the Oculus keynote from yesterday. There are some really exciting things coming next year:



Bumping this up a bit.


@chris can we have a look at the latest bugs you guys have listed?

The ones were seeing are the avatars going shiny,
and the windows and mac domains frequently going down.
dk1 is supported now since latest nvidia update but i think the matrices are out of alignment on the left and the right eyes.(works in everything but hifi)
and still some @Thoys persistance


Hi All,

For the meetup today we will meet on Sandbox.

Few things to cover:

  • Particle updates
  • Avatar IK
  • Bugs


<img src="/uploads/highfidelity/4567/b862b740c5d54be3.PNG" width=597" height=“243”>


Crashing regulair after trying to TP to, as example sandbox.


If anyone would like to help me test a stats logging tool. Please run this script: It will recird your stats every 15 seconds and put it into a spreadsheet:


Here is the video from the meetup: