Meetup will be Tuesday at 2pm PDT


I will be posting an Agenda, Location of the meetup and a backup Hangout link tomorrow

Looking forward to seeing everyone.



Oh wow I may be able to make it to this one.


Sadly I won’t :frowning:
I have to go and collect someone from the airport
@Judas I will grill you for a full report later. That is unless @chris is kind enough to video it for us :wink:


We will meet at the location “entry” as a backup I will put in a Google Hangout link prior to starting


A video would be nice. Also for those of us who have audio issues in-world.


Here is a Hangout link:


correction on the link:


Video from the meetup


Thank you @chris :smile:


I’m still wondering if the open Alpha is an early April joke…


Thanks a lot @Chris the videos really help.


@Konstantin If @Judas said it - probably!