MegaVoxel on my domain


2 days my domain has been up and already there is a 128 size voxel at 1000m high in a position where there are no other voxels for miles.
I did create some megas via a script to create a terrain but they were 64 size voxels and they were 4000 meters away in one direction and 1000 meters up from the builds.

How do we save the data from a domain so we can restore it after Voxel Katrina blows thru?


“I’m not saying its your fault, I’m saying I blame you”-Adrian


@Adrian in the app data folder there is a voxel.svo you can back that up and restore it when you run your server.

~/Library/Application Support/High Fidelity/stack-manager/*.svo



Cool thanks @KevinMThomas


Hi @Adrian, couple of questions.

  1. Was the server running the whole time? Or did it shut down, or crash at any point around the time the mega voxel appeared?
    2)Can he send copies of the scripts you were running.


@chris I dont think the server crashed at all, I did restart it a few times while I was detting up dns.

The problem is I dont actually know when it appeared, it is in a place I never went, and unless I accidentally put typo in the coords of the script, which is not out of the question, but that doesnt explain why it was a 128 size because I never scripted 128.

Here is the script (or the last version I used) .
edit, I removed the script from here because its not suitable for alpha domain, will email it to you Chris.