Meh. This looks pretty blah to me


Unity based VR

Saw this on Hamlet’s blog.


That pretty much summarizes my experience with any of the VR Environments done in Unity.


¬.¬ well u cant say the avatars aint photo realistic


Alex the cat CLEARLY leads the discussion there. His photo headshot was obviously owner-assisted. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a slightly more professional note, “with no technical background” was said by the narrator. At this stage in the game, anyone willing to get more involved with VR (those that are here, those that exist elsewhere) needs to be fairly savvy with computers.

I don’t know what the end-goal for High Fidelity is, but I’m sure sometime next year when this beast rolls beta, the ability to click a few buttons to get a presentation going should be fairly intuitive.

They are working on the paint program now, and my best guess is they are mimicking whatever is found in the Toy demos from Oculus. I’ve not had the pleasure of trying them, but why would anyone turn away from the result of expensive research? I’m sure Facebook/Oculus R&D created the Toy demos for a very specific purpose with very specific research behind them.

Unity based VR? what a laser pointer and non-IK avatars? Hell, we’ve enjoyed that here for 9 months. o.O


The avatars are amazing.


There’s little point in comparing that app built with Unity to the alpha HiFi platform. That app is just provides a quick-and-dirty functionality for non-developers. It illustrates design choices for a specific niche purpose, but it doesn’t reveal limitations of the Unity platform for VR in general.


That was a well-reasoned and smart reply. What are you doing in this post? :slight_smile:


Meeh, that avatars look terrible ugle, and add a RL picture on it makes it really not better.


Yeah, being a wet-blanket contrarian in discussions is one of my hobbies.

But that app does make one think about 3D, or even 2D, avatars and what makes them good or not so good. It’s a good discussion and I think it bleeds off into physical humanoid robot appearance as well. AltSpaceVR uses avatars that are even worse than this. I guess the idea is to avoid the expense of even somewhat realistic models, but I think too much is lost.

Even here on HF, some alphas have expressed dislike of the cartoonish style of avatars, and in this stage of alpha development, I don’t think anyone will say they are really happy with how avatars are created and introduced and how they work once in-world.

So, what do we really expect of avatars by beta or v1.0?


a riot is an ugly thing


Depend Judas, on wich side you stay. :smiley: