Mesh blender weirdness. Texture / face problem


I have a object with 6 faces 6 materials and 6 different textures. And some other objects.

1 , 2 , 3
4 , 5 , 6

It looks perfect in blender. but in FBX preview it’s only u Nr.1 materials for all faces. In high fidelity i see the same problem but it use material 6 for all faces. I checked older save and there it looks good in FBX viewer.

But why is the FBX exporter in blender screwing my textures ? and use the same one 6 times.

So in FBX viewer i see

1 , 1 , 1
1 , 1 , 1

and in high fidelity it’s

6 , 6 , 6
6 , 6 , 6


Still intressting to know what happend. I deleted that object and imported a new one from previous safe. and now the textures are correct.



I have the same problem. Interestingly, I ‘corrected’ it by importing a fresh, un-fiddled-with, unrigged mesh to HiFi and everything worked great.

Then I parented that very same mesh to the rig, and blammo, the problem returned. Still haven’t figured this out yet.


It’s something in blender. because i have the problem again. i textured 3 parts with 2 different textures. and for soem reason only the last one get used after exporting the FBX. :frowning:


I prefer to do most work in Maya but the FBX exporter seems to not handle textures readable by HiFi at all, which is why I was doing Blender. Could just be my settings.

Anyone have a workflow for exporting from Maya?


I exported from Maya for the pet contest.

I had to make sure my FBX settings had “Embed Media” checked. My material was a StingrayPBS.


This issue has come up so many times that I am perplexed why it is not resolved.

@Fiona_Branagh asks a good question about Maya workflows. It is the case that making models in Maya then exporting them to High Fidelity works properly for all cases? PBR, multiple textures, transparency, etc.

My question, has the same careful testing been done making the same models in Blender and exporting from it to HF?

And finally, assuming such tests have been conducted and demonstrated proper behavior, are these tests part of the HF QA build process?

Something is still not right, models get mangled in various ways. So, what are the (hopefully simple) constraints people must follow to make this process smooth and quick?


In this case i blame the blender FBX exporter i use embedded textures.

Autodesk FBX viewer = FAIL
High Fidelity = FAIL

I just tried the same object as DAE with save textures and it looks perfect in the autodesk fbx previewer.

It still gives me not the solution. Because High Fidelity can only handle FBX


Blender, export to dae -> convert it with the autodesk fbx comvert from dae to fbx.
And then things work fine in the autodesk fbx previewer with embedded media seems fine in high fidelity. object is imported wrong. posisble wrong axes in bledner dae exporter.

So why is the blender FBX exporter so a big pain in the a…


Because last I looked autodesk has not documented its .fbx format other than providing an incomplete converter bac in 2005-6. Everyone else is reverse engineering their own .fbx structure.


Ok, but high fidelity seems to do a better importer then blender with the exporter. and using the autodesk fbx converter is workaround.

I hope blender is fixing the exporter. Or high fidelity get a better optin / other format for importing.

Only question is wich one. I think DAE is the best choice. But mabye requires the upload of textures as seperste files.

And the atp asset upload is not really comple to handle lo’t of textures sounds etc. no filters or sub directories.

Need to admit i do not like DAE, because it create extra faces and gericles. Need to see if OBJ works with the fbx converter.


I has no texture face problems in blender so ur doin it wrong


Most of the time, I absolutely avoid embedding my textures to the FBX export. This avoids any issues I used to have with materials. To date I have had absolutely no issues with texture loading or materials swapping, doing it this way.

In the past, the FBX exporter in Blender had issues with handling any periods in names of the mesh geometry, the object, material names and textures. Considering that blender does this by default when duplicating names, I think this actually may even todate, still apply even with various fixes to the FBX exporter in Blender.

I used to have it documented in my large post about blender back in February, but I had cleaned it up coz I thought it wasnt applying anymore after Blender FBX update. Ill try to see if I can replicate the situation.

CC: @Fiona_Branagh


I use default underscores to replace dots. and i think filenames are safe to.
Well, not sure if seperate textures work with ATP. besides ATP is already very incomplete. also the structure on my disk is not compatible with hifi for textures.

In other words at this point with high fidelity, embedd textures is the on correct solution to keep things under control and more error proof.

Like i say, in blender it’s looks fine.
DAE exported it’s fine.
FBX exported it’s fail.

At the end if the quality not decrease i want to bake mabye things to uv-maps. if the filesize not get bigger them.


Can you send me the blend file so I can see if I can replicate your issue?
Ill try to see if there is a solution, when I get back home later today.

You say you were using ATP?


Only using ATP in high fidelity. except for the avatar.
Need to see if the blend file can be send. but then there are no textures on it. But this project i wanted to keep a betweeen the walls.

Also, i need to double check a few things with filenames etc.