Mesh disappering to the unknown


I feel very dubious about uploading mesh: It seems that every time I upload something new the software makes either disappear or makes a copy. This time I left window frame with a transparent material in one spot only to find it had gone.
When clicked on the entity in the tools window I was about to teleport to it. someone’s chess set was their too.


Yep that chess set appears in the strangest places, I regularly see it at my domain origin.

Sometimes missing objects end up there, go to /1,1,1 (the corner of your domain) and scan for objects. You will probably find a chess set there too. Delete them all.

And of course the hifi ghost eats objects at a regular pace, duplicate objects tend to disappear for no reason, newly imported objects can tend to disappear for no reason, and older objects can tent to disappear, for no reason.
In fact there seems to be no rhyme or reason for things disappearing, they just do, get used to it.

This has been reported ad-nauseum so the devs know well about it.


Well that is really scare. I thought I was going nuts for the last month.


There an inverted relationship with scripted objects. In the legacy worlds/grids most of us know about and live in, scripts are contained in objects. Delete the object and the scripts and their running instances go away. Here in HF it’s flipped. Scripts create entities. Delete the entities and the running script instance(s) keep running. Delete the script and the entities still hang around.

Entity creating scripts here require a design pattern that creates the subordinate entities with a limited lifetime so that if the script is stopped or unloaded, the entities they created will auto-delete after a while. It’s not a nice model, more of a workaround for missing inheritance constructer/destructer functionality.

Also part of the design pattern is that the script has to periodically tickle the entities it created to extend their lifetime. HOPEFULLY setting the lifetime property resets whatever internal timer tracks when an entity should poof.


I am really not sure how this related to the mesh I uploaded the went walkies.


It has to do with the chess set you found.


Yesterday I have uploaded a house and then suddenly all things were at other places.


OK I get it now. What does spook me out every now and then is when software these kind of exploits. They should be an area of computing science that studies such serendipitous phenomena. I guess all the weird quirky things that are happening are going to take us into the next stage of AI.
They are so many times that hardware or software diced they want to do things differently or the refuse to perform a task until one has had a break.


When I logged on this morning my window frame was back in it’s right place. I went to the place where the chessboard is located 1st to see if my window frame was still their. As it was not there I tried to rotate the chessboard to see if it was upside down or had chess pieces. But I find there’s seven chessboards.


That’s a bad idea. you mabye have a scripot that you use the create something. So you dont want to see it dissapear.

Also scripting have already the option to remove entities. you only need to program that part in the script to know wioch entities you did rezz and to delete.