Mesh Import Issues


I have finally been able to bring in mesh models using the Amazon AWS S3 bucket. At the last meeting, someone pointed out a problem with that. Every time someone looks at or views your model, it uses bandwidth at Amazon which is tracked and limited with the free basic account. If enough people look at it, you might receive a surprise charge against your “free” account. After hearing that at the last meeting, I took down my mesh files from the AWS S3 bucket. Now that I know my .fbx conversions are fine, I will tackle the problem of why they were not working when I put them on my own paid web space. I think it has something to do with public files and permissions settings. If I get stuck, my web space provider will help me figure it out (Bluehost).

There is another issue that needs to be considered. I noticed when using the mesh import script that the box is automatically filled with the last model url uploaded by anyone. On one occasion I did not look at it closely, just assuming it was my model url, and it uploaded a small rocket ship belonging to someone else. In the scrolling log window behind the view window, it also listed urls for models uploaded by anyone else in world at the moment.

We are a small group of alphas, and I think we are all pretty trustworthy. As more people come in, one needs to be aware that anything you upload can be seen by someone else, who could go to that url and download a copy of that model to their computer. From there they could manipulate it and use it as they wish.

I will cautiously continue to experiment to further the alpha, but I don’t think I will bring in anything that I have invested hours or days of work in. I know these are early days, and these issues will be resolved over time.


Interesting thing you pointed out about models being visible on the associated servers.
Going forward I assume we will be uploading our work to HF’s servers. which would hide that.
The truth is any model you can see on your pc in HF of Sl is stored in someway somewhere on your pc already if you know where to look.
The question of protection from piracy is a big and a fundamental one .
HF needs to protect its creators.
For now were just going to have to trust each other


In the meeting, security IP protection were touched upon. HF seems to be very aware of these issues and it appears that they are a strategic part of the integral infrastructure. I’m sure all of us would be concerned if that were not the case.

However, I would like to suggest that as this platform is in Alpha at this point in time, models here will simply be for shared learning and benefit (at least that is my understanding). Short of server-side rendering (which would effectively present clients with a video feed), models will be somewhere on the PC - even if it is simply through a link to the model’s URL location. - as Judas said -

To financially benefit from models that can be used here, I would suggest they be uploaded to 3D model web sites and sold there instead of being linked here. This would likely provide a more rapid revenue stream.

I’m sure that we all understand that Mesh (especially complex ones) are important in Alpha - so we can all share and learn best practice and help grow this brand new platform in order to ensure it has the best success possible going forward.