Mesh Invisible, Static mesh compound present


Something is not working. i did go a few versions back where my mesh seesm to work.
But my latest versions are not visible anymore. It seems to load everything fine if yoiu read the log.

Panic because it’s my mini golf project, and i do not seen what’s going wrong.

One step ore weird. older version.
With textures = Invisible
No textures = Visible

More info, with FBX viewer i can check that the ATP file is still correct and showing everything in color.

SO why does High Fidelity not show the object ! :angry:


Ok, Just want to add more info, there’s progress. when i select parts i need in high fidelity and export only that as fbx . things seems to load fine.

But when i just export the project things go wrong.
It seems to be in one “plane” So i need to test that tomorrow what is wrong with that plane.

This part seems to make the whole build invisble. Not see why right now.,

Strange, tried my latest version removd that part. Still invisible.
Somethig very strange going on. I can try to rebuild from the latest correct one without that plane part. But then im far back again.

ADD: I found problematic parts. Not sure why the are problematic. But the main part i could rescue and so far i see that works.

Now i need to redo the newer part again and hope it not break again. :confounded:

ADD: Unbelievable, I just did add new parts after checking the current work where fine. I also did do it a bit different. And it’s again screwed ! Invisible again ! There must eb really something wrong in hifi.


On etexture where for some reason in TGA format, that did screw the whole build by making it invisible.

Replaced TGA for JPG i normal use or PNG.