Mesh not loading always after you upload it for the first time


I notice a weird problem with uiploading mesh in edit mode.
It happens maney times that the first upload it’s not appearing inworld or not visible. when i delete the object if exists or just try it again it appears and loading fine.

More seen this problem ?


Note add, it get placed inworld. but i forgot for some strange reason sometimes it get loaded at coordinate 0,0,0. just in the start just happend again and lucky i where looking in the right direction.


This might be related to the issue that if something is ‘uploaded’ it doesn’t show up in the list but shows up in world (has happened to me)


Seems i have the opposite problem, it did show in the list. but only could select it in the list to edit and move it. Placed it. but physics failed. Did a relog, and the object is gone inworld.

Correction not gone, but for some reason resized to a very small thin line.

Selection seems to work noiw after relog and restore size.