Mesh paint program advise needed


Looking for a program to paint in 3D on mesh, smart materials are cool.
But it’s hard to find a good one.

Substance painter, looks nice. but font is terrible tiny and cannot be changed. Also i not got any mesh in the program. (with my nose on the screen)

3D-coat, readable interface. my my head start to hurt because things not show correct if i import my avatar fbx as example. everything keps grey. and the interface looks a bit confusing.

And, now i do not know what we have more. it’s imprtant that all text can be made bigger. That means not adobe bad font habbit. Also the program need to have a payable commecial license. and not subscription based,

I see the good thing of painting directly on 3D mesh, but what program ?


Have u tried texture painting in Blender?


Yes, and so far i still stay at the ‘meh’ side. the quality is poor in blender. and you need to crank the faces up before psinting to a level blender start to prtest a bit and get slow. And still the texture resolution where bad on the terrain.


crank up the texture size crazy big to paint it, u can make it smaller after


Skimi did gave me some materials to look in to. So i go look at blender again. and hope i do not trip ovewr the PBR stuff to fast :slight_smile: Still other thing to learn. Or it higi that have PBR bugs.


Richardus. There are many tutorials on this topic on YouTube YouTube Blender Texture Painting
I have not had great luck with this technique, but I know others have. Your mileage may vary. :slight_smile:


Thankls Franny, just figured something new out.
Now im not sure why i still buyed L3DT :open_mouth: for terrain creation.