Mesh Upload how?


Hello everyone i am on my way to build Mesh Objects for SL and Open Sim in thouse two Worlds all works fine and very easy in High it is all a bit confussing for me. I know its on alpha Stage but how do i upload things is there really only one way first load it to an external server and than import with URL from there to High ? Or are there some ways to get it directly into High Fidelity ?

I tested it with Dropbox but nothing works well, i must say i am no Pro in Mesh but maybe someone can help me
It would be cool when it gets a bit simpler but yeah we an Alpha Stage :slight_smile: So i would really really be happy someone can help


There is only one way - the asset lives on a service you must provide that can provide said asset via http url link.



I’m wondering how safe that actually is. Being that there is no actual restriction on who can access that URL, can’t anyone just grab the FBX?


Yes, they can do exactly that. As I’ve said time and time again - you put nothing here that you can’t accept risk of losing control of. Period. Every new person must understand that. If anyone can enter an area where your content is they can get the URL, download and do with as they please.


Thanks! Well, I’m done here then. I’ll be back when they come up with a safer system.


I have faith it will, eventually, be better and a great place to be, but I well understand your sentiment. That being said - there probably is some value in keeping track of this and being ready for when it is more… palatable.


Yep, I understand it is Alpha, but… it’s really hard to test anything, if our content isn’t safe. Oh, and I’m already ready for it.


You can test in safety by running a stack on local hardware and hosting your files on a local server. If you don’t provide ways for the outside world to get in then it’s the safest thing ever. :wink:


Being that I already sell numerous animations, characters and models on my own site for many other platforms, it doesn’t make sense to risk someone finding those urls that I’d need for HF. I’ll just wait until they change it.


yeah i also not like that thing with URL import i would love to have it like in Open Sim or Second Life thats much easier giggles :slight_smile: For me its a bit frustrating when i import a simple Cube from Blender without Textur i only see the edges but i will try it tomorrow with texture maybe than it works. And when i upload a object i not see it long long long long long time in the Tool Window and sometimes i can’t edit anything but i only testing with a simple cube at the moment year i am not a Pro in Blender but i try to learn.

But ist a bit frustrating i never need so much time to find out how upload works than here and i think its not only me with problems like that let us hope it get a better way but i not give up ^^


Is a safety asset server planned?


can anybody maybe make a simple video how Mesh uploads with Blender works ? In other postings i read dropbox not fine because there no public Folder help help please :slight_smile:


I think @chris posted something or knows who did to help with that. Perhaps he will see and reply.



Here are a couple of videos:


@judas, made a great blender to FBX video


Most of the time when the object arrives and wont show, its because there is no material, you dont need a texture but you must assign a material.


So at the weekend i tested on my own Webspace with a very simple Cube, 2 times and all works fine :slight_smile: (also with textures) Giggles Dropbox in my “field” not works really good i don’t know why but i read in a other posting that Dropbox needs a Public folder and this is only in Pro or in Accounts before 2012 that i don’t have so maybe this was the error. (corrected me if i am wrong) I am really happy now and say thanks a lot guys for help and tips and all that stuff you are magnificent.

So in next days i will test more complex things giggles. Its very exciting to see how Hifi grows and gets hopefully something great, we all can give input and help and thats a very cool thing so also some blender “Newbies” like me can help a little bit :slight_smile: thats awesome. But the Big Developing Part are for the Pro and Semi Pros :slight_smile: But all Pro starts as a newbie like me giggles some sadly forget that ^^


A 'Public ’ folder is essential for .fbx and script uploads else upload will silently fail and you will have only the entity placement indicator - a cube without faces, which disappears after approx 2 secs

New subscribers to a free DropBox account will not be allowed a ‘Public folder’- this is now only available to ‘Pro’ subscribers (7$ per month)
GitHub does have a public Folder, is Free for scripts but unsuitable for .fbx files (? am i missing something)

  • update see Judas’ Post “hosting-a-model-on-github/4777”

I went with Amazon S3 service which offers 5Tb storage Free for twelve months - thereafter charges apply. it also has the easiest interface for uploads.


I know you updated it but yeah, gotta use raw. You can also look into using github pages from to get a better looking url.


feels like back in starttimes from SL -)
lololol what a mess