Mesh vertex colors


Made a 3d mesh with a 3d cam.

But hifi does not show the colors.

I get this:

But the mesh looks like this:


Fbx has a couple of different ways to attach a texture,I prefer to embed them the other option is to have the texture along side the fbx file and have the fbx link to it. I would guess your using the second method and the textures in the wrong location. Does the software your using have any options in the fbx export?


Vertex colours use vertex information, not textures.

This used to work but II am not sure if it would work this many vertices in a model.

I do however know that vertex issues have an issue when exporting in the blender FBX. But there shouldn’t be one with Max.

I suggest trying it first with a simpler object first. They may have broken it.


I have used the other option, an obj with no textures and vertex colors. Skanect does not have an fbx option.

But got the colors in :wink:

Exported the vertex colors as a texture in Skanect, Scaled the png from 4096 to 1024 with gimp, and loaded the obj in blender. Exported to an fbx with an embed texture.

Ended up with a bit blurry fbx of 2.4 mb.

The 3d scans get a lot of verticles, it is easy to bring the number down. (at the cost of some detail)

I not sure, what would be better. A low poly model with a big texture or a model with lots of verticles but with no texture ?


It sounds like you figured it out, but for others in context here is the best tutorial I’ve found so far on using Blender to bake the vertex colors into a standard UV texture (it’s from Intel’s blog and the relevant part starts with the Blender screen shots).


The size of an object with so many vertices would be exponentially larger than an object with less vertices and larger textures. It’s also less straining to GPUs because they are built to do shader computations nowdays

@humbletim yeah that’s usually the way to do it.

But if you do not want to bake the vertex colours into the texture and instead want to use them for variations in the texture, (such as when you use repeated textures) they do not work on the blender exported FBX in high fidelity (while they work fine in ue4 and unity)