Message "inbox" Green Notifier Missing


I used to receive a green icon near my Decourse User Image indicating I have unread mail.

This has vanished. Where did it go?

cc: @Jess


Hmm. Haven’t played with anything that would make that disappear. Let’s test. I’ll send you a message.


If you sent it at the time of this thread, then I have no green icon. I DO have your message, consider the two following images. ((image upload is now failing… awesome…) :frowning:


Could you reply to the message, and I’ll see if I get an icon?

If that’s not working for anyone, and image uploading is screwy, there may be something deeper going on.


I got an icon.


Uh oh… the last time the forums had mega issues we blamed CaptainOculus… ((hides behind a trash can))


So this is weird. I got two green notifications–one from your reply to my test, and one from your test message. And I was able to upload an image.

Is anyone else having problems?


THERE IT IS! That is the ICON I want returned. :slight_smile: I let a message from zzmp sit for over an hour because there was no notifier. I do zoom the website via ctrl+‘plussign’ let me try to rescale to normal and see if the CSS responds… can you send me another?

Ok, so that works… now to find the green icon.
Protip: I don’t mind performing an F12 if you can fetch the DOM element I’d be looking for…

I’m not trolling you. Seriously, not sure what happened to the green icon. :frowning:



YEA for magic!


Honestly have NO idea what was going wrong, but I’m very glad it’s working now! Thanks for all the testing. :smiley: