META key ? and other key weirdness


Another strangeness that not only puzzles me i think.

META key ? What meta key, i tried a few keys that could be the one. but the only thing that always open with META+CTRL+L is the adress bar, but that is under enter key

Tried the 2 different windows keys is fail. tried ALTGR is al;so a fail. So, no META key

Other strangeness, DELETE is still backspace. need to be corrected to DELETE key
Bookmars is still linked to CTRL-L but that is placed under ENTER key. As soon i know the META key i can really check if CTRL_L is not trigger when you try todo META-CTRL-L


The Meta key is a Mac oddity. I think the Meta key = Alt for Interface on Windows but I can never remember for sure.

Given that they’re primarily targeting Windows for now, I think it should definitely be fixed. At the very least, at runtime use and specify Alt if running on Windows.


I tried the ALT key, but it seems not todo anything. So only someone from high fidelity can explain what the meta key means and is on windows.


Hmmmm… does the Meta key on a Mac-style keyboard have a different internal keypress code than the Alt key on a Windoze-style keyboard? The Meta-key is the one with the sorta-star-shape on it, right? I wonder if the Interface got unwittingly hardcoded to look for the keypress code for the sorta-star-shaped symbol.


@chris, what is the Meta key on windows for high fidelity ? if it is available.


Hi @Richardus.Raymaker, I also wonder which the meta key is. Could you figure it out? Wikipedia was not a big help, and Alt or AltGr doesn’t works on my Windows machine.