MetaMovie Kickstarter Launch!


Hi Folks,

It’s Jason here. For the past two years I have been privileged to work with many incredible members of the High Fidelity community on something called The MetaMovie Project. I came to this platform with one dream: is there a way to make a movie that an audience doesn’t just watch, but actually experiences, from inside the world of the story? I’m excited to announce that after a ton of hard work, with some blood, sweat, and tears spilled along the way, we’re actually starting to figure it out. We’ve been running live performances, getting great feedback, and learning a ton. And now, in order to support the project and continue experimenting, and so we can share our work with the community, we’re launching a Kickstarter Campaign.

What’s a MetaMovie? We combine cinema, interactive theater, video games, and role playing activities like Dungeons and Dragons into a live, interactive movie that puts you, the audience member, right in the middle of the story. And we do it all right here in High Fidelity.

Take a look at our video and project page on Kickstarter and you’ll get a sense of what this project is all about. We’re thankful for all of the support this community has given us, and if this is something you’d like to experience for yourself, or if you just like what we’re doing, we hope you’ll consider backing us on some level!

Here’s a link to our campaign:

If you’d like to follow the updates over the next month, you can do so by following us on Facebook: or Twitter:

Many thanks to everyone!!

Jason and the cast and crew of The MetaMovie Project