Metaverse directory domain list


Not that it’s a huge issue for me, but, Heron is not showing in metaverse directory. It is not access limited and is reachable by placename reference. Wondering if there’s been a change somewhere that has partially broken that functionality.


Have you add a picture on your directory page ? In the past the did say without picture you do not appear in the directory.

Just checked for my domain, it’s having the sinmple starfield image. but also i cannot find myself back. Something must bewrong @OmegaHeron


Yes, it has picture - it had shown there for a long time but suddenly disappeared.


Looking into this now - I’ll let you know what I find.


Can you double check that your domain-server is connected to your HF account? You may need to disconnect and reconnect - it’s not heartbeating with the HF metaverse server, so it doesn’t look like it’s online which won’t show it in the directory.

Are you running with a Stack Manager or a compiled domain-server?


@b - Running on Linux inside a docker container with full auto networking selected on DS and metaverse web sides I’m able to access domain/place remotely etc.

It’s probably some artifact of running it in a container though it seems odd that everything else works including the occasional random visitor, presumably clicking on name in users online list. Running it outside Docker container space is not an option, so, if that turns out to be issue I’ll live without showing up.


I’m wondering if it’s just an issue with the access token your domain server is using - can you disconnect your account and go through the connection process from that domain-server settings page again to ensure that’s not the issue?


@b - That did fix, disconnect existent key and create new to reattach - now the question is why this happens from time to time? I suspected that’s what I had to do as I’ve had to do so before when it stopped showing. This time I decided to ask and maybe illuminate a flaw in some process somewhere, be that mine or HF’s side.


What did you do ? .
@b i have only set after skipping the bad way to create your domain just put my old domain id back and used the old placename data. The workflow to setup a domain on the stack-manager is not correct anyway if you have existing placename and id already available.

I still dont understand why the stack-manager is bothering my with automatic creating a domain id, i brave skip. because i have already one made in the past.

You both say i need to redo the whole configuration circus again ? because my placename is not on the list too.


Yeah - I’ll look into it. The tokens created through that flow should not expire but I will test with your previous token (assuming the one I’m seeing is the one you created for this domain-server before and you didn’t manually delete from the personal tokens page).


I clicked big red dettach button in domain server web interface. Then started over creating new key, copy paste to domain-server. Yes - it’s a pain and seemingly a needless one.


@b I didn’t delete and I have a copy of as well.


The previous token you were using is still valid, as far as I can tell. Would you have done anything that would affect the domain-server settings (I believe this would be at ~/.config/ This is where the access token is stored.


I did that create new id too. and there is the confusing part. normally you use the key you see under domains. but that key is nt the key high fidelity is generating or wand sofar i see.

Now my placename appeared again.
My conclusion is , that the way to connect a placename to your domain is complete fail and not logic or it’s misisng something. because if you have already a placename and domain ID. you normally copy that over. but it refuse to let you enter that. and then the troubles start to get the input field back and enter your existing domain id from the webpage.

FAIL !, seems yuo cannot use it again.

Linkinmg this topic to here


I reuse the last weeks the domain token from If that is the wrong one. something need to show the right one there. because you token from disk can be gone already.

Note, after done the intitial setup sequeenze the stack-manager want and after generating temp. ID and pasted that back to the stack-manager i placed the existing domain id back.
So i use the old ID, but the setup presented me with some other long temp token ?

This is confusing.


@b I created a copy of my previous container’s persistent space before updating key just to compare what changed. The previous domain-server file and current are exactly same but for the different key value. I also verified old key in config file matched my record of what it should be. So - I really don’t know.

It does seem the system doesn’t like a “lot” of changes to where DS runs - my notes over past year mention things like “moved DS to new hardware – had to regen key to show in listings” several times. I’ve noticed when I have a day where I’m experimenting heavily with shuffling my active stack between containers on various machines is when this usually happens.