Metaverse Front Page



You people are so lucky that @phil outfits you all with 4K or 8K monitors, but for the rest of us, we have 1920 or 2250 monitors, so the entire metaverse page cannot be seen in its entirety. BTW, I think getting to places is more important for that first experience than buying things, so I recommend you swap the market and directory sections of that page.


Considering what market exactly. Wasnt it supposed to be “examples”


Yet another reason the ‘market’ section needs to be moved down.


At least after login the name stay on the same line now on small screen.


This could actually just be your browser on scaling granted this needs fix for that browser version what is it with it can be


Not really. It happens with all browsers. The previous pages were on IE11. Here’s Chrome at 100%. And it isn’t the scaling really. The problem is bad organization of the front door portal page.


I see what you mean but most websites look like this anyway it’s a style but it can be adjusted