MetaVoxel editor is set to stay on top of all other applications in windows


Sorry to say, but its know now that its bad. and the same problem appears over and over.
The metavoxel editor is staying on top of all my other windows programs. thats pretty annoying if you n eed to read or check soemthing quick. means you need to close the metavoxel editor and later open it again and figure out where you where. Dont  program windows so the have the mode “stay on Top” or how you call that in QT. it need to work like the chat and preference window.

Can this behavior not destroyed for ever in high fidelity ?

Other problem, the metavoxel editor is palced default to low on my screen. coordinates need to be set higher.


Hi @Richardus thanks for this. I want to be clear (in fear of the wrath of engineers) that metavoxels is pre Alpha. There is a lot of work still going into the actual engine and UI cleanup has not been looked at yet. Caveat emptor ;>


@chris, i understand. But why can the window (modality, if am right) not set right from the first day ? It saves so much problems. Its not the first window that ‘still’ have this problem, the login and goto window still have the same problem. And its piling up now with the metavoxel screen.


Have a fix for this + login + goto that should come in this morning. Test it out this afternoon @Richardus and let me know if the issue is gone


Tried all 3 windows goto, login, metavoxels. The now dissapear when you bring focus to other application…

Can only say one thing.