Metavoxel heightfield map import is crashing with 8192x8192 map


Expected already problems with that. I cannot import 8192x8192 heightfield map. Its crashing the interface.exe directly after you clicked the file.


that is very large. @Richardus


I know. :grinning: But with a 512x512 map or 2048x2048 you cannot cover 16km.
Next thing i need to try is make a big map and let is automatic split in parts.


Just so others don’t see this and think a 512x512 pixel height map can’t cover 16384x16384.

It can.

If properly made, you set the scale 2^12 (or 13th maybe - can’t recall from memory) that will cover the domain footprint. Set height to your modeled height divided by 2 if you want it placed near the “floor”. I set mine about 20M over zero as that allows easier placing of models you might want to have go below the surface.

Texture resolution becomes the dominant issue using maps to cover a full domain in one piece, as that’s a lot of stretch, but, as a basis it certainly works and can be augmented.

Now whether it looks acceptable or not is far different from can you cover a full domain using one 512x512 height map. You can, but, again, it might be better to split it up into quadrants if you need a better texture visual.


Suggestion: Is it possible to use a low-res terrain over the entire domain and then use the voxel-editor to boost the ‘ground resolution’ in the key areas? By hand editing in finer detail manually.

I tend to huge mesh terrains and generally run at anywhere between 16m to 256m ground resolution to keep triangle count down, with additional overlay meshes for a 1m resolution in the key locations where it really matters.

From what little I have seen of the meta-voxel system, this might give a best-of-both on the size+speed vs detail fronts.


@glenalec , yes you should be able to edit the terrain to add detail.