Metavoxel terrain not visible


With stack manager build 18 and interface 1505 the meta voxel terrain is gone. The file is still 460KB. Its still gone with build 1503 to. also on HQ


We (I) made a big change to the metavoxel heightfields, and it will mean you’ll have to reimport. Also, the metavoxels.dat is now under the resources directory (along with the voxels, etc.)

The good news is that heightfields are now stored at 16-bit precision with lossless compression (so, no more compression artifacts), there are no longer limits on their height range, and they can be transformed (scaled, rotated, translated) arbitrarily. However, I’m still working on the LOD system for the new strategy, so at the moment, they will always be shown at maximum detail. I expect to fix that this week.


Ok. Thanks. i see. need to try that. but first we need a new stack-managaer that have normal stop buttons and really stop the assignment-clients