Metavoxel topic and bugs


Ok, i found sofar 2 problems

  1. The metavoxel editor is staying on top of every screen in windows.
  2. Numpad dont work work in the metavoxel editor.


I understand that Metavoxels are in a very early stage of development, and things like UI and which key does what are still being developed, I have played with metaVoxels for one day and I found lots of issues, so for now I will only mention the ones that are clearly “bugs” as opposed to areas which are still in development.

The Voxel produced on the X/Z grid by the metavoxel editor does not respect the grid position, they snap to each other but they appear in an unexpected place and accurate placing is impossible at the moment.
They are off by some distance in all 3 axes.
But the voxel produced on the X/Y grid does snap exactly to that grid, and locks into the correct position.

I would like to applaud the dev team for this, what we see is a new way of being creative in world, we see a terrain that combines the solid and dig-able ground of Minecraft, with the real life textures and shapes like SL and Untiy etc.
I also see this as possible inworld sculpting potential, objects can be roughly shaped and sculpted without the need for external software packages like Blender. People like to sandbox, now it can be done in Hifi.


In experiments with metavoxels on hifi://Vue yesterday with @thoys (thanks for taking me through the process and giving examples @thoys) we found that he saw the metavoxels I was placing almost immediately, whereas they disd not appear for me until about 2 minutes later. They then kept disappearing and coming back for both us us., This morning I looked again and can see no metavoxels we cerate at all… all gone. yet the metavoxels.dat file is 556KB in size.


I want to say also great work to the devs, i did a bit more with the metavoxels and oh, its so cool !

@Adrian , not seen any snapping of the metavoxels at all, i can just place them random, like a paintbrush on the map.

@Ai_Austin, not seen any metavoxel flashing or invisibility here. but just installed build 1241 and go drop a few more megavoxels. maby your assignment client is crashed ?


Metavoxels are coo, want to thanks everybody for the fixes that are in right now.
But metavoxels is in my eyes right now one of the most complex functionality to create, also because theres a user interface needed and lots of options to work on the terrain. pretty complex.

But if i look what i made already, then i cant wait for whats possible at the end !


Lets see what others think, but i like the idea to have the following option

  1. Left mouse button = place metavoxel
  2. Right mouse button - erare metavoxel.

Thats way you can correct a wrong placed metavoxel easy,
also you dont lose everytime the url with the texture. And, it just works nice and fast…


The numpad enter key is still not linked to the metavoxel editor. the result is that you still open Goto Domain instead of finish the number edit in the metavoxel editor.