Metavoxel updates, with example video


Here are a couple of example images that you could use for your terrain.


Looks very impressive and should be fun to play around with. Tunnels have fantastic potential.


That looks excellent Chris nice one.
Is there any chance you could put up an example .RAW heightmap to test it, I have tried to upload a couple myself and they didint seem to work for me.


@Derric_Foggarty here are a few


Thanks Chris their working for me, even my own .RAW files are working. Turns out they were showing up on my domain coordinates 0,0,0
The problem im having now is when i import the RAW file i can see it fine, but as soon as i click apply and close down the Metavoxel editor it disappears?

Im on a windows7 64


aha progress indeed. Made a metavoxel, erased half of it, this is indeed a lot of fun, might leave a bit of a mess, I’ll have to work out how to tidy up!


I understand that groundwork (no pun intended) needed to be put down first, but I’m so glad to see this type of editing reach it’s first steps. Voxels are wonderful, but unwieldy to edit one by one. Thanks so much for bringing this forward and I look forward to more.


What size does the heighfield map need to be ? the free L3DT can only do 2048x248 pixels.


@Richardus I have found that 2048X2048 is at the top end at the moment. Also make sure that the RAW is in PC format.


If you’re reasonably able with Blender the following blender template can help you generate height maps easily. Though, for a static terrain I don’t need to edit in world… mesh is better. Metavoxels over the full domain floor at resolution granularity comparable to my mesh render at about 2 fps untextured.

You’ll need to register with blendswap to access this.