Mic Wrist Button App


A button on your wrist that toggles your microphone on/off — provides quick access in HMD mode.

Released on the Marketplace: https://highfidelity.com/marketplace/items/4da83701-972f-4eba-932a-03ab577a4569
Version: 1.0.1-31

Enable the wrist button using the tablet/toolbar icon:

  • mic-button-button

The wrist button is available in HMD mode:

  • mic-button-400-300

  • Hover and click with your index finger. The button appears when your finger tip is near.
  • Hover and click with your laser. The button appears when your laser is near.

The button displays on your non-dominant arm. See Settings > Avatar > Dominant Hand.

Web page: http://ctrlaltstudio.com/hifi/mic-button


Hello, I got a failture after I have bought/install the app.

I have then remove all my scrips ctrl+J to see if I could install the app fresh but it s has not help.


@sbin Sorry, there’s something wrong with the configuration of the item in the Marketplace. I’ll do an update to it.


The app is back up on the Marketplace with a minor update - version 1.0.1-39.

If you purchased the original release and can’t update, IM me.