Microsoft HoloLens Key Speech


All I can say is wow I know it’s still early stages still and it’s probably not as good as we think it is actually looking through it but the potential of this is so much amazing

and it actually seems to work it’s going to be interesting to see what is going to come out of people’s experiences apparently they have loads HoloLens for people to try of these couple for days

the device seems to be all built-in what’s the big bonus :slight_smile:


This stuff is pretty cool. I Wish I could be excited,
but I am too much of a skeptic still after Project Natal (Kinect):

Here is some of the stuff I noticed:

  • The camera rig… What… in … If they have a compact solution like the holo lens, why is the entire rig overly complex? I know that a wireless microphone is one of those boxes (You can see the XLR sticking out) and nother is an AV Mixer , but jeesh: that main cable as well. is the poor camera man carrying a PC or a Mixing board on that thing?

  • The room of course is premodeled, controlled (Even Lighting is really even, My house doesnt have that sorta lighting!), so they know the shape and size of the room, Id like to see it in a random place instead. You can map all sorts of fun stuff when you know what the room is like. without this information clipping occurs and it wouldn’t know where the walls exactly are:

  • It is still -very- well rehearsed; Too well. They are trying deliberately avoiding showing the guy walking past any of the open windows on the wall. There is strategical positing on the windows and the presenter and cameraman: the holograms are either infront, above his head, or the camera man deliberately moves to an angle which avoids the presenter from clipping. Tastes too sterile.

  • What exactly is running all these apps? I wouldn’t think the hololens by it self would run all of these, but a central computer would handle the graphics.

Looking forward for reports from first hand users. and then wait for the 2nd generation of those things :stuck_out_tongue: