Microsoft HoloLens


The Microsoft HoloLens looks impressive. It seems meant for Augmented Reality, but I guess it can be used for VR worlds as well. At the very least, there must be ways to control the transparency of the annotations, and if you set it to zero you can dive in an immersive VR world. Any thoughts on how HoloLens could be used with HF?


As an example of using HoloLens to stream multiuser VR worlds, NASA and Microsoft have teamed up to develop OnSight, an HoloLens application powered by data from the Curiosity rover, which will enable scientists to work virtually on Mars together.


See also a rave review here:


I just looked into Hololens and it looks massively cool, if it works as well as MS suggests. It would be great for things like meetings and other, umm, interactions in relatively small spaces. Pretty exciting, actually, maybe even more potential than full VR. I think VR or AR will make teleconferencing actually work.

So, is an interface in consideration? Hopefully there is someone working on this.


Knowing Microsofts adverticements campaigns in the past (such as for Kinect/Project Natal) Id think this tech would be ready on the 2nd generation…

In anycase, since the HF code is open, I bet someone somewhere will look into integrating this.


The latest from HoloLens.
Pretty impressive I’ll say…


Looks awesome though, but still…

Again what really bothers me is the fact that they have strategic angles and the sort in the demo. Its too refined, way too controlled, as was Natal. Camera angles were, always from the front, Never having angles something physical infront of augmented would clip, Really strategic placing and movements, so that the angle of the holograms never go behind the person. Its feels like they are setting it up for a whole lot of dissapointment