Migrate to digitalocean.com


I have succeeded to migrate my world from local computer to digitalocean.com cloud using this steps:

compress the assets folder from your local computer located in:

C:/Users/[username]/AppData/Roaming/High Fidelity/assignment-client/assets

/Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/High Fidelity/assignment-client/assets

/home/[username]/.local/share/High Fidelity/assignment-client/assets

as assets.zip

place this archive on a public access internet domain for example: http://example.com/assets.zip

login to digitalocean.com account
click on hifi-domain droplet
click Access

click Reset Root Password
the dropplet is restarting
the new password is emailed to your registered email

click Launch Console
login as root
type the received password
you will be asked to change password
enter again the current password
enter a new password
enter the new password again for confirmation
you are now logged in to your server as root


cd /home

wget http://example.com/assets.zip

(the adress where you have placed the archive)


apt-get install unzip

unzip assets.zip -d -o /root/.local/share/High Fidelity/assignment-client

enter on a browser your domain adress:

http://[ip-adress-of your droplet]:40100/settings/

Restart server


Hi George,

I’m trying your method to migrate my sandbox to my digital ocean acount with your method. Almost everything works like you describe only when I try to unzip I get the error : “caution: file name not matched: root/.local/share/High Fidelity/assignment client”

Any idea what can cause this?




I had the same problem. A friend of mine who is familiar with Linux walked me through it. I can’t remember the steps, so if someone who can use Linux sees this, I’m sure they will be able to help.

actually, now I think about it, it might have been the -o option that messed things up for me.


You can use -o option to force overwrite the assignment client folder and run the command as root:

sudo unzip assets.zip -d -o /root/.local/share/High Fidelity/assignment-client

Also you must place in the archive only the content of your assignment client not the folder itself.


Thanks for the reply, I will try that