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Announcing the High Fidelity Mini-Golf Challenge!
Announcing the High Fidelity Mini-Golf Challenge!

Are the rules and time frame for this going to change, if so how?
The post states prizes of 1000dollars but the rule document states
Sponsor will; award up to three (3) Prizes of five thousand US dollars ($1,000 US).
The total ARV for all Prizes available in this Challenge is fifteen thousand US dollars ($3,000)

Are multiple entries allowed by a single team?


I have a feeling they forgot to change the text again, considering it reads five thousand usd but numbers say 1000 I think they had the same issue during the Pet Compo XD


Rawr. Fine print is now fixed. Thank you for the heads up. Please PM if you see anything else. :slight_smile:


I noticed a problem we complain about for a long time, and with the golf game it get only worse.

The avatar cannot step easy in the golf game, because the edges are so high that you cannot pass it. So you need to jump. And we all know that jumping with the vive is still not easy.

So when can avatars finaly pass small bumps like in the golf game without jumping ?


Can multiple entries be submitted by the same person? If yes, then would only one of the winning submissions qualify for a prize?


Hi Caelum,

That’s right. You can create or submit multiple entries, but there is only one prize per contestant. So, while this won’t necessarily increase the prize size, it does increase your opportunities to win.



Glad if i get one done, i just got some shaped idea. If it’s good, i don’t know.


A question came up regarding use of the mini-golf course assets in the challenge. Is it permitted to change the textures, colors etc. of them when using them for a hole?

In other words could one change the putting green material to hardwood floor, lava or even a shader or something? And the curbs etc. (Maybe not shaders unless they were very simple, low GPU render cost ones).

If done with a script, it would not affect anything except the one hole and would not affect bandwidth much except for the downloading the textures them selves.


This could be an object that is itself inert and just relies on in world physics to work, right? I.e. one doesn’t need to script it unless you want it to move around and stuff?


Hey everybody! Are you working on the minigolf contest and having difficulties getting the Minigolf Putting Green component pieces to fit together?

Be sure to use the Grid functionality in the Edit options… Suggested parameters

Snap to Grid = on
Major snapping = 1
Minor snapping = 0.5 (type it in, if the combo box arrows don’t allow it)

It’s a snap! :slight_smile:


That mean in the entities editor.
not in edit in the menu where i looked first.

Is there a reason when i have snap to grid enabled with the above setting that the Minigolf - Circle with Hole is not aligning with the Minigolf - Straight - Flat - 4

@Caitlyn, i tried a few parts, but snap to grid is not working good. It not allow me to line up existing placed parts. I like to try to make mine golf thing. but high fidelity is getting pretty frustrating the last time.

Deleted, why is there no area select again by getting new set from the marketplace. it still does not align.

Also the high fidelity edit tool is still missing indication of X, Y, Z Things are so far away from complete. I Still do not see how that all get fixed before public. how it works now is a crime. Secondlife is difficult for people. But high fidelity is at soem point a disaster.


Heya @Twa_Hinkle,
You can totally change the textures of the mini-golf course assets! Looking forward to seeing what you make :smiley:


It just dont align properly with aligh to grid enabled.


@Richardus.Raymaker I had the same problem with that specific piece as well. I think I changed the minor grid size until I found something that worked and it was .025


0.25 where not enough. with 1 and 0.1 and seems to work. except the Circle with Hole that one never aligns correct. also i expected that where the start part. uhhm :open_mouth:

I need to test more now it’s a bit alignable.


Hmm we have no problem aligning it over on empty at 1m and 0.25m. Make sure that whatever you are trying to snap it to has also been snapped to the right position. Or are you working on a very far away point from the center of your domain?


"Also the high fidelity edit tool is still missing indication of X, Y, Z "

What do you mean by missing XYZ? I probably misunderstand you, but if you are referring to the xy&z positions of an entity, they are in the Entity Properties window.

“That mean in the entities editor. not in edit in the menu where i looked first.”

Pardon me, I should have called it the Edit Window… which contains the Grid, Entities List, and Entities Properties tabs. :slight_smile:


I need to check where sandbox is installing the default content. But i would expect it’s at the center.

About the X, Y, Z on the object you move. you never know wich side
X, Y , Z is and so you not know what coordinste to adjust in the properties.

Some request and problem that is at least one year old.
Unless you can tell me with the default edit tool how we can see wich side is x,y,z ? i never found it.


Made a new topic. to avoid mixup.

Just looked at the golf game on my localhost with HMD. it’s fun. but games the require you to look down are not a good thing with HMD. because the focus is much harder. It forced me to wear the HMD different to get a better focus.

It mabye is the good position to wear, but the vive have problems with pressure points. and that increase.

Are the mini golf assets updated, because after testinmg it in the sandbox (no not the server) aligning worked fine. Now i tried it on my sandbox (yes the server) and it seems to align better.

But what breaks the alignment by grid before ?