Minimum internet speed required for internet. and what about ping?


Just a question, to get a picture what works and what not.
What is the minimum internet spped down and up you need for high fidelity ? And what about the ping.

Also, did anybody tried high fidelity with sattilite internet ? Yes the ping is much higher. but it can solve for people problems with slow dsl that not get faster.

And as long you not do thing that require realtime interacrion i think a high ping still works fine. Better then slow internet !

ADD: Sattelite internet is not a solution. Seems not reliable ISP’s


If you’re intending to just work by yourself you could get away with running your own sandbox from a LocalHost if they fixed the way connecting to a Local Sandbox works now. However if you intend to interact with any objects or anything on an external server using Sattelite internet you’d be in for some problems regardless of it’s connection speed because of the dreaded air latency. I think that a good solution for people with rural internet problems might be a 4G Hotspot. When I lived in Wyoming in the US Verizon used to offer a service called Fixed Wireless or something which was basically a big 4G antena.

To answer your question though, HiFi is pretty bandwidth intensive but I’ve seen people getting away with doing things on it with les than 5mbps download.