Minor Issue with loading local scripts



In previous versions of Interface - Windows. If opening a script from disk the initial dialog was pointed at (relative)\documents\High Fidelity\ - Now it’s pointing to (relative)\Program Files\resources

It’s likely a good idea to return it back to former behavior there. This doesn’t impact loading scripts - but it leads to confusion if used to old working - and bad habits if not. We don’t really want to start writing user data within Program Files hierarchy - some antivirus programs get nervous about that, it’s bad form and requires admin rights depending upon system setup.


Still preffer to keep everything complete out of my evil document hierarchy its the most hated place on my pc’s for me.It;s also a big blame to microsoft that the not did placed My Documents default in other partition.

So if it need to be changed, spend 5 minutes more and make it configurable.


A good option would be - point to a sane default then, if user doesn’t like that one, remember location user does like.