Missing content


@Chris What happened to http://public.highfidelity.io/models/entities/?


What specific models are you looking for?


It is no big deal, I had some stuff from there and other content that is now missing. Nothing that I really used for anything.

http://public.highfidelity.io/models/entities/2-Terrain: Desert terrain with some mountains.fbx

and all the SF houses:

http://public.highfidelity.io/models/entities/3-Buildings-2-SanFranciscoHouseRed.fbx etc.

and the streets:

http://public.highfidelity.io/models/entities/2-Terrain-1-Road Street1Lane30m.fbx

and a lot of stuff from the



I don’t really need any of it. But it just makes me wonder if it is a bad idea to use any content not hosted by myself.


BTW, the Hajime avatar seems to not all be there. When wearing that avatar, it never renders.