Missing edit and example overlays


Hi Folks,
My edit and examples buttons have disappeared from interface … help?

Also, how would I go about deleting all the example content from my newly created domain so I can start afresh?



OK, I sorted that out too, “stop all scripts” followed by “reload all” does not load defaultScripts.js … It was a bit of a confusing situation as my running scripts list was empty even though scripts were obviously running (fish swimming in the tank etc).

One for the FAQ maybe?



Interesting. The same thing happened to me too. I thought it was just me doing something spastic but now I believe this to be an Interface bug or a bug with the edit and example scripts. The way to get them back quickly is to dump your settings.

If you do not see the Developer menu item at the top of the interface window, click on Settings, select Developer Menus:

Next click on the Developer menu heading, select Ask to Reset Settings:

Now quit interface. Relaunch it. You will see this pop-up. Select “Reset my settings but retain avatar info.”



Yes, agreed. I wrote this about it. Maybe someday it will be dne: