Missing name over avatar


Hello - I’ve finally managed to get the positioning of my monster avatar FBX files back to the origin, and the avatar now seems to be appearing correctly in Interface. However, the name that floats over the head when I use a default avatar is still missing. I had thought this was because the avatar was obscuring it, but I don’t think that’s the case. Any suggestions?


Do u have a named typed in in prefs?


Yep, that’s there OK.


Can you post a screenshot of your preferences? Thanks!


Sure - here you go:


Do others see your Name?


I changed my avatar to your .fst files, I think that is the issue. When I use your FST my name does not show directly above my head.

Interestingly, it is there, but you have to look up. You can try a default avatar to confirm. Just click the magnifying glass.


Yep, I think you’re right. When I use H to reverse the view, I see my name is there, but floating about 3x my avatar’s height above its head. Seems like a bug?? Unless there’s something in my FST or FBX that’s causing an oversized boundary box??