Mixamo Acquired by Adobe


Just got an email that they got acquired by Adobe. Its a very quickly changing landscape out there.

See http://blog.mixamo.com/mixamo-joins-adobe-to-bring-3d-to-the-creatives-of-the-world

This might lead to Mixamo tools being included in the Adobe Creative Cloud package.


I got that mail too. 4:16 PM (5 minutes ago) Nice job first poster. :wink:


Seems unlikely it will become more open then ¬.¬


You’re probably right. If Oculus or Facebook lawyers ever email me, and demand a name change, I’m already prepared to go with CaptainOpensource :smile:


Can I still sign up for a new Mixamo account?
Yes! Everyone is welcome to sign up for a free Mixamo account.

What will I get with a free account?
All new users will receive: 10 free Auto-Rig downloads, 20 free animation downloads, 1 free pack of 11 animations, Fuse Character Creator, Unlimited Auto-Rigging for characters created with Fuse, Face Plus, Character Collection.

Can I purchase a plan, additional Auto-Rigs, or animations?
Not at this time. We hope you enjoy the free preview and look forward to sharing our plans for the future in the coming months.

So, if you were planning on integrating Mixamo into your pipeline for use in HiFi… you’d better go learn MakeHuman. LOL!


Yeah I got that one too… Naturally as I intensely dislike Adobe’s constant tendency to monopolized things I’ll be closing my account with them. (it costs far too much for what you get anyways)

Extra note. Your free account WILL have FREE auto-rigs BUT…
… you will NOT be able to use them!
(I found out the hard way)


Me too. So…

Opensource? lol


This is my lucky day, then.


Well with Adobe have anything to do with it they’ll destroy it totally as they’ve done before I used to like them till they changed their ideas of doing business this is why we need to go open source every way


Well lets hope they did’t aquired it to end the maximo thing.

Makehuman looks like the safest way.


This is why I pushed MakeHuman from the start As I knew it was open source It has the potential of being a really good software alternative when the new version comes out Just look at the nightly builds


Opensource is always welcome here! I’ve never been big on paying out $$$
for a software package that expires.


Nevermind worrying about Mixamo for the moment.


(free + opensource) • Make Human with .mhx2 py scripts
(free + opensource) • GiMP
(free + opensource) • Blender
(free trial + onetime payment option) • 3rd Party Clothing Creation Tool