Mixamo avatar -> blender -> export fbx = wrong texture


Ok. i made a new avatar in mixamo fuse. Imported that in blender. Removed for now all PBR sthings, because i where thinking that did create the problems. It did partly

But right now only the shoes look good. and everything else is also using the shoe texture. While it’s fine in blender. But complete wrong in the FBX viewer.

I do not see double uv maps assigned to one material. What did i forgot.
And yes, really time high fidelity get compatible with blender instead off maya.


Answered it there since I missed this post.


I think still that “Like almost always” it’s a user error.
I must have screwed something invisible and terrible.

It’s not fault of high fidelity or interface.

Thanks for menithals help.
Sometimes you not find it alone,
and help is so usefull then. but not always available.

Like the problem with my door and userdate. Still mystery.